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 Welcome To the KVIITKGP Library Blog!

Reading is indeed a wonderful thing, imparting knowledge and leisure to all who seek. Books will surely help even the weakest of the weak to get on their feet and change the world.

Lets Read, Grow and Live together!

 Happy Reading, Joyful Living…..!


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Welcome to the library of Kendriya Vidyalaya IIT Kharagpur!

Did you know that KV IIT KHARAGPUR Online LIBRARY offers a range of informative services to keep you up to date with DIFFERENT AURA OF KNOWLEDGE? Find the journal you are interested in. Our “Useful Resources” page allows you to access different types of questions and answers related to subjects and previous year’s questions as well.

We think not having a library is similar to having no vision; having no feel of the happiness or difficulties in a person’s life, which is understood when we read the ink on the paper of a book which, we never stop to think that it was once the ink of the author’s pen and we never stop to think whether the incidents narrated might have actually been a part of his life.

This is why we bring to you this website, which not only provides informative services but also brings us closer to people and authors; young, passionate readers and writers whom we encourage to succeed.  It also helps you to be in nexus as we provide a range of informative services.

We would really love to hear from you.

We hope all of you enjoy browsing around the site and seeing all of the newly formatted pages.  We’re excited about this new direction our site is taking …Love Reading…Keep Reading!


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